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K9 Bootcamp

As a famous vet and author James Herriot once said “Dogs like to Obey. It gives them security” As dog owners, it is also important that our dog is obedient, well socialized, and well behaved both within the family and when outside in the community.

Behavioural Correction

A trainer comes TWICE to YOUR home to show you how to CONTROL unwanted behaviors like:

  • Attention Seeking Behaviours (Jumping Up On People)
  • Boisterous Behaviour (Rushing thru doorways )
  • Nuisance barking
  • Aggression towards humans and / or animals
  • Destructive Behaviours (Chewing, Digging )
  • Re-Housetraining

Call us on 0416 910 368 for enquiries.

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Dog Boarding Kennels

Allbreeds K9 Bootcamp & Pet Retreat has medium to large breed kennels. Also separate little dog kennels.

The big dog kennels are spacious, and fully undercover away from extreme weather conditions. (Single 5 mtr length X 1.2 wide)

We also have extra large kennels suitable for 2 -3 dogs from the same family. (Double size 5 mtre length X 2.4 wide)

The small dog kennels have 5 or 6 seperate rooms so it never gets overcrowded or too noisy. (3.3 mtres length X 1.5 wide)


Individual cats have multi level condos with plenty of privacy. Two or more cats have spacious pens with climbing frames, scratching posts and homely furniture to snooze on.

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Dog Club

Allbreeds Social Dog club is for most of our clients. It is an informal gathering of past and present clients one Sunday of each month.

At social club, clients and their dogs can practise skills learnt and socialise their dogs in an appropriate manner with a trainer present to assist.

Film & TV

Allbreeds have been involved with various TV & magazine advertising, feature & short films and theatre.

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