Cat Boarding Kennel Fees

Our cat boarding kennels offer top-notch care and a comfortable environment for your beloved feline friend. Below are the fees for our cattery services:

Rates are charged per calendar day regardless of time of drop-off and collections

Individual cats have multi level condos with plenty of privacy. Two or more cats have spacious pens with climbing frames, scratching posts and homely furniture to snooze on.

We supply wet and dry cat food as required, please let us know what your cat prefers when booking.

Cats must have current F3 vaccinations 10 days prior to boarding.

Bookings : 0416 910 368


$19 per day

Public holidays & School holidays $22 per day

Rates are charged per calendar day (from the day of arrival to the day of departure regardless of drop-off and pick up times.)

Transport Rates – One Way

Up to 30 kms $75-
30-40 kms $85-
40-50 kms $95-
50-60 kms $105-
60-70 kms $115-
80 kms $125

Airport transfer $75

*Please note: Terms & Conditions – Subject to change without notice *

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Allbreeds Cattery

What is a Cat Boarding Kennels or Cattery?

Cats are great pets for people who lead busy lives, as they’re low-maintenance and self-sufficient. While it’s true that you can leave your cat home alone for a better part of the day, provided that you’ve secured enough food, water, and a clean litter box, leaving your cat alone for prolonged periods can cause great distress for them. To avoid finding your bed shredded after a weekend spent away from your furry friend, you should drop your cat off at a cattery when traveling.

More Info on Boarding Catteries

A cattery, also referred to as the cat boarding kennels or boarding catteries, are sanitary boarding facilities that house your feline fur babies. Think of them as holiday homes for cats with five-paw services that are either built indoors or outdoors — the latter of which is shielded from extreme weather for your cat’s comfort.


These establishments house individual cats, or cats from the same family that are used to sharing, providing them with a safe, warm, and contained area in which they can play, socialise, and nap all they like. One of the benefits of boarding catteries, aside from knowing your cat’s whereabouts and safety, is that your cat may require attention or playtime, which cattery personnel gladly provide.

Logistics & Psychology

If your cat is sociable, being alone in a place where it would normally find company can be stressful. If you believe your neighbors are untrustworthy, or if you don’t have any or don’t know any, leaving the cat alone in the house is not a viable option. An unsupervised cat could cause a lot of harm and damage to personal property.

Allbreeds Cattery
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Are Catteries Stressful for Cats?

There are many misconceptions regarding catteries or cat boarding kennels, and people believe that boarding catteries induce stress in cats. While this is inaccurate, some factors do depend on the cat itself. Much of what a cat likes or dislikes depends on its prior socialisation and positive experiences with people outside its home.

Most cats dislike changes to their routine, but catteries provide plenty of routines for your cat to enjoy. It may be stressful for your cat to board, depending on its prior experiences, but their stay will be enjoyable once the routine starts to settle.

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While cats usually take a day to warm up to boarding, many enjoy their stay. This is especially true if you book your cat boarding with Allbreeds. Though the company mainly caters to dog-loving customers, Allbreeds also offers exceptional cat boarding services. Individual cats have multi-level pens that don’t even share a wall with the condo next door, ensuring the ultimate privacy for your pet.

Multiple Cats

Two or more cats from the same family can be boarded together in cat boarding kennels, per customer request, into more spacious pens equipped with climbing courses, scratching posts, and comfortable cat furniture on which to snooze. Allbreeds also provides both dry and wet food — the only concern the owner has is telling the company their cat’s preferable cat food brand at the time of booking.

How Long Can Cats Stay At a Cat Boarding Kennels?

Cats are known for being solitary, self-sufficient animals, but some are very sociable and enjoy being surrounded by people at all times. Cats are generally very independent of their owners and usually don’t miss the owner as long as they have adequate company.

Considering that most catteries charge a fixed price per day, your cat can stay as little as one day, stretching to a couple of months if necessary. That doesn’t mean they won’t be happy to see you when you return.

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When left alone for too long, cats can become restless and stressed. Luckily, this can be avoided by dropping them off at Allbreeds — a pet boarding facility located in Perth, Western Australia.