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Dog Social Club

Allbreeds Social Dog Club hosts a monthly dog meetup event for most of our clients, bringing together past and present clients in an informal gathering held on one Sunday of each month.

At social club, clients and their dogs can practise skills learnt and socialise their dogs in an appropriate manner with a trainer present to assist.

Dogs present can be at various stages in their training, on or off lead (this is up to the individual owner) There is also a huge variety of breed types present.

CLIENTS ONLY: Bookings are not required. Please call Tim on 0416 910 368 for dates and locations.

Dog Training

Having a dog is wonderful, but with today’s hectic work schedules and busy lives, finding time to train yours might be difficult. Luckily, canine social clubs can help. They’re usually organised as kennel boarding facilities that focus on dog training.

This includes behavioral correction, doggie daycare, and dog clubs that provide ongoing support and assistance to its members regarding their dog training journey. Some even offer groomers and grooming services.

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Finding a Dog Meetup Near Me?

Finding a dog meetup group shouldn’t be too difficult, as almost every city has one. If you don’t know where to start, try visiting the local parks next time you and your pet go out for a walk.

Parks usually have separate sections which allow dogs to socialise with one another. In addition, you can search the internet for a reputable dog club and get in touch with one of their dog trainers or ask for a phone number from an existing dog-owner friend. Joining a club for a dog meet up can benefit you and your dog, Socialise, play fetch, and make new friends. Let your pup wag and wiggle in a tail-wagging extravaganza of canine camaraderie!

In the end, if there aren’t any previously organised dog meetups and clubs in your area, starting one isn’t a bad idea. Do your best to be welcoming to all dogs and dog owners. Not only will you learn more, but hosting these events can help you hone your social and organisational skills, dog grooming, and marketing skills.

Why Should I Join a Dog Club?

Joining a dog club or dog meetup event can be beneficial for both you and your furry best friend. For example, most cities have well-developed communities and dog social clubs that would welcome every dog, regardless of their level of training.

Besides meeting fellow pet owners, joining a dog club can help you adjust to the pet owner lifestyle, connect with potential pet sitters and dog walkers, learn new tips and tricks, and get a groomer’s recommendation and advice about vets and vaccinations.

Social Creatures

Just like us, our four-legged friends are incredibly social. Dog walking provides immense benefits to its health, and playing with you certainly helps, but nothing beats jumping, playful biting, and running among your own. The lack of socialisation can cause severe emotional and physical issues that would require professional attention. By joining a dog club, you can have peace of mind knowing that your doggo’s emotional needs are also satisfied.

Play Dates

Your pet’s playdates can also be a fantastic opportunity for you to make new friends too. You’ll have shared interests right from the start, making socialisation much more fluid, simple, and enjoyable. You can invite your newfound friends to take your pets for a walk, discover new locations, visit different pet stores, or even take your pets to local bodies of water during the summer.

New Experiences

Lastly, dog clubs and meetups are fantastic for non-pet owners who are looking to adopt. These groups and organisations are a treasure trove of knowledge and a park full of friendly faces ready to share their knowledge and experience with prospective pet owners. Plus, your pet in training is likely to adopt new skills and abandon unwanted behavior if he’s surrounded by other well-trained and well-behaved pets.

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