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What to bring

You will need to bring your dog’s current vaccination certificate, if you have not already provided it to us. We cannot admit your dog into Allbreeds without proof of vaccination. If your dog requires medications or is on a special diet, please bring meds or food with you and advise our staff during drop off.

You do not need to bring beds, bedding or toys, as we cannot guarantee their safe return as they may be lost, chewed or destroyed.

Health and Welfare

Sending your dog to a kennel is like sending a child to school. If a virus is present, it’s possible that some dogs will be affected, and some may not.

Allbreeds is a vaccinated dog zone! We minimise the risk of illnesses such as canine cough, by insisting that all dogs must be fully vaccinated before they can stay with us. Vaccination not only reduces the chance of your dog being infected, it also contributes to the protection of the dog community by reducing the likelihood of transmission.

Due to the nature of our business, dogs are often face-to-face when training and at play time. We pride ourselves on keeping our facility clean to the very highest standard, but no amount of hygiene or disinfecting can completely combat an airborne virus, so we do get the occasional case.

For these few cases, we generally see a mild cough and or sneeze which we manage internally and always let the owner know about the well-being of their dog. Unfortunately, due to the incubation period of viruses it is not always possible to pick up on an infected dog. So, if you see any signs that concern you when you return home, please consult your vet and let us know.

What if my dog requires medical attention

If your dog requires a visit to the vet during business hours, we can take your dog to our vet at the owner’s expense or you can pick up your dog and visit their usual vet.

Regular progress updates

At Allbreeds we endeavour to post some photos and or videos of your dog whist training with us. Our focus is always on the safety and welfare of our many guests, so generally as a rule we do not do regular progress updates. We do however try to get at least two Facebook posts done over the training period.

Can I visit my dog

We don’t recommend visiting while your dog is training with us as this tends to unsettle the dog. You can however give us an occasional phone call, or you can view some footage of your dog via the Allbreeds Facebook page.

Will my dog be comfortable

At Allbreeds we provide dogs with a large comfortable kennel with suspension(off-floor) bedding with air-conditioning/demister system for summer and heating if required for winter. If two or more dogs are in for training or boarding and they get on well together, then shared large rooms are available.

Can I provide my dog’s own food

Yes, you may provide your dog’s own food at no additional cost. Please provide clear written instructions, and make sure all food provided is clearly labelled with your dog’s name, and if fresh or frozen be in daily portions. Note: We feed puppies 3 times per day and adults twice daily.