How To Find The Right Dog Trainer?

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From teaching your dog the cues to advanced obedience training for dock diving and other dog sports, good dog trainers can make a real difference. This is especially true for first-time dog owners. 

However, even with extensive experience with a canine companion, professional dog trainers can help troubleshoot problem behaviours, hone your skills, and teach you how to train your pup the right way. 

Getting your pups trained can help deepen your bond with your furry friend while keeping them healthy and active. 

Allbreeds can help you find and hire a variety of dog trainers in Perth. They are experts who can enhance your pup’s obedience and agility, and even teach them some neat tricks – it’s a win-win for you and your pup. 

If you are having trouble selecting the perfect dog trainer from our vast database, let’s learn three killer tips to find someone who best meets your requirements and goals. 

3 Tips For Finding The Right Dog Trainer

Since the dog training and behaviour industry is unregulated, there are little to no restrictions on who can be trainers, behaviourists, and consultants. Anybody can make fancy business cards online and start charging for their dog training services regardless of experience, education, or background. 

This is why you should evaluate potential dog trainers in Perth before entrusting your hard-earned cash and beloved pet to them. 

Don’t just choose the nearest training and behaviour school in Perth. Instead, research to decide whether a potential dog trainer is a good match for you and your furry friend.

Or better yet, leave it to us to bring you the best in business.

AllBreeds is better than other conventional training centers in Perth because of our unique approach – we have fine-tuned our classes to ensure that you and your pup get the best results possible. 

Our trainers are more than canine experts, they are people experts too. We understand that it’s not just about teaching your pooch new tricks –  it’s about ensuring that you have the right set of skills, confidence, and knowledge to continue implementing those skills with your pup throughout their entire life. 

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Nevertheless, listed below are the three tips to find the right dog trainer:

  1. Know What Qualities You’re Wanting in Your Dog Trainer

First and foremost, ask the canine coach about their training philosophy and methods, and ensure you are comfortable with their approach. 

Look for instructors who use “positive reinforcement” training that involves rewards (praise, toys, treats, anything a pooch finds rewarding) for appropriate behaviours.   

Not only are these techniques grounded in the principles of animal behaviour and learning, but also strengthen the relationship between you and your pup and foster a desire for learning in them. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to identify what you want from the trainer in Perth. Do you want your new dog to learn basic cues like sit, stand, or stay or are you struggling with problem behaviour such as your dog jumping on people and guests? 

Typically, group classes provide the added benefits of distraction training and socialisation. But often, your canine can learn better in an individualised situation, mainly if other puppies cause him to feel anxious. 

Private training sessions in Perth can take place either at a training school, in a real-life situation, or in the comfort of your home.  For specific problems, this can be your best bet. Some dogs may not be ready for classroom settings, or the pup’s issue happens only at the front door. 

However, not every trainer in Perth provides services outside facilities and may charge you more for private coaching. Choose AllBreeds for comprehensive dog training services.  

  1. Ask Questions and Observe Their Training Style

Ask prospective canine instructors about their education, experience, and credentials. Some excellent coaches have learnt through extensive experience and apprenticeships, while others build their skills by taking a more formal, academic route. 

Although accreditations like “The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers” aren’t mandatory, they show commitment to the profession and a keen interest in ‘continuing education.’

Speak with your potential dog behaviourist in Perth to know their people skills and personality before deciding. Browsing through their website or reading the brochure isn’t enough.

Dog trainers teach people, so ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed being their student. Search for a trainer who uses a similar “positive reinforcement” with their pupils and dogs. They should be respectful, encouraging, and patient. 

Make sure to observe the training class, including the trainer, students, and their pups, to know if they enjoyed themselves. Also, you can request referrals from previous students to learn more about the trainer’s techniques. 

At Allbreeds, we have the best talent in Perth that can help you train and understand your dog better. 

  1. Go Beyond The Basics With Your Trainer

Look for trainers who provide more than basic dog training techniques. Understanding your dog’s perceptions can help you meet their needs and stay together happily, as humans and dogs view the world differently. 

Training sessions should include a wide range of information, from dog behaviour and communication to how they learn. Advice on handling, grooming, and socialisation can be an added advantage. 

Good trainers in Perth know their task is to coach you to coach your dog. While they may collaborate with one person at one time based on the dog’s issues, they may welcome your entire household, including kids, over time. 

First-rate trainers in Perth recognise the significance of involving the entire family to maintain consistency. And you can find them with us at AllBreeds.

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Get The Best Dog Trainers And Training Sessions

The trainer must be a perfect match for you and the dog and meet your requirements. Believe it or not,  a good instructor is a smart investment that can help you live harmoniously with your dog.    

Looking for reliable and effective dog training classes in Perth? Choose Allbreeds – the go-to dog training and pet retreat services. 

We have trained hundreds and thousands of dogs, enabling their owners to enjoy the company of happy, obedient dogs. 

Consult our experts to know how we can help your pup become a healthier, happier version of themselves. For more information, visit our website or contact us here.