well behaved dog smiling as it stands outside

How to Correct Unwanted Behaviours in a Dog: Tips and Strategies

15 Mar 2023

It goes without saying that, as dog owners, we all love our furry friends. However, even the happiest owner would admit that their dog sometimes exhibits unwanted behaviours that can ...

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dog behaving well and sitting on grass for owner

Animal Behaviour Essentials: What You Need To Know

10 Mar 2023

Animals communicate through non-verbal cues, and it's essential to understand how to interpret them to better relate to your pet.  Whether a cat, dog, or other animals, they react differently ...

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dog walker taking five dogs for a walk on a grass road

How To Find The Right Dog Trainer?

10 Mar 2023

From teaching your dog the cues to advanced obedience training for dock diving and other dog sports, good dog trainers can make a real difference. This is especially true for ...

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dog running alongside owner whilst being trained

Why Dog Training?

20 Dec 2022

Whether you live in a city or a town, getting a dog can be a fantastic experience. But with the proper training, they can also be the best companions you ...

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two golden puppies sitting down on grass smiling

What Is Dog Behaviour Training?

19 Dec 2022

Dog behavioural training is the art of teaching a dog to perform certain behaviours in response to specific commands. It is a popular pastime for many dog owners, providing mental ...

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small dog shaking hands with owner

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential

18 Dec 2022

Are you looking to unleash your dog's potential? Dog Training can help you get the most out of your furry friend, but where do you start? With so many dog ...

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