Animal Behaviour Essentials: What You Need To Know

Animals communicate through non-verbal cues, and it’s essential to understand how to interpret them to better relate to your pet. 

Whether a cat, dog, or other animals, they react differently when angry, in pain, or hungry. Although these behaviours may seem completely normal to the untrained eye, they convey valuable information. 

Have you ever seen your furry companions wagging their tails, beaming at you, or mounting on inanimate objects? This article will teach you everything you need to learn about animal behaviours, something that will be extremely useful when trying to train your dog

dog behaving well and sitting on grass for owner

Understanding The Essentials Of Dog Behaviour 

Dogs have been humans’ best friends for much longer than we can imagine. Although it varies, interpreting a dog’s behaviour is less challenging than analysing a cat’s reactions. 

Nevertheless, here are four ways to understand what your canine tries to tell and feel:

Tail Wagging

Like a cat, a dog’s tail can tell you everything. Happy dogs hold their tails at a natural height and wag them. 

However, if the tail is tucked between the rear legs, your puppy feels scared, submissive, and threatened when they have a stiff tail. 


If you have a canine companion, you can easily figure out that ‘bowing’ means your pup wants to play. When your dog lowers his chest and leaves the wagging tail high, it’s time to play. This behaviour is called play bowing. 


Humping or mounting an inanimate object or a human isn’t always sexually driven. When a dog mounts a person, they often want to express dominance, seek people’s attention, or relieve pent-up anxiety and stress. 

Similarly, when your pup mounts another object or animal, it usually indicates playfulness, anxiety, or arousal. If humping or mounting becomes an issue, it’s best to seek the counsel of experts. 

Signs Of Stress

Dogs can also become overstimulated or stressed like humans. When it happens, your canine may yawn (even if not tired), lick its lips excessively, or look away. If you see this, get your pup to friendly, calm surroundings and give them some space. 

Other Behaviour Essentials

Here are a few other dog behaviour essentials you must consider:

  • In most cases, if a dog bares his teeth, it can be an indication that he’s upset or feel aggressive and dominant 
  • When your dog exposes his belly, he either wants to play or wants affection. Also, dogs expose their bellies as a submissive display  
medium sized brown dog smiling up at camera

How To Manage Different Signs?

Now that you know how to interpret your pet’s emotions, it’s time to learn how to use this information effectively. 

Let’s explore the practical steps you can take to apply this knowledge and enhance your relationship with your furry friend:


It’s important to keep in mind that aggression in your dog doesn’t necessarily indicate anger. In fact, it could be a signal that they’re experiencing some sort of physical pain and require prompt medical attention.

Pay close attention to your furry friend’s behaviour, and take action to ensure their well-being. After all, a healthy pet equals a happy pet, and that’s what we all want, right?

Injury Or Sickness

If you suspect that your furry pal is injured or unwell, it’s time to leverage your pet insurance. Reach out to your vet in Perth and book an appointment right away. 

And if the situation is critical, don’t hesitate to rush them to the emergency room for immediate treatment. 


If your canine approaches you with playful behaviour, take the opportunity to join in on the fun and show your love. 

Playing with your beloved pet helps strengthen your bond and brings endless joy and fulfilment to both of your lives.


Pay attention to your furry friend’s energy levels when you’re enjoying a day out at the park, grabbing a bite at an outdoor eatery, or taking a stroll together. 

If your dog starts panting, it could be a sign that it’s time for a quick break or a refreshing drink of water and a trip back home. 

Get Top Dog Training And Pet Retreat Services

Getting to know your furry friend is increasingly important. It helps you address any pesky habits early on and opens up a whole new way of bonding with your pet. 

Understanding their behaviours and body language can create a happier and more comfortable life for your beloved companion.

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